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‘Hear And Now’ is an enlightening read and provides practical advice which is easy to realise. I welcome this authoritative work which provides timely input to an essential genre of books.
— The Rt Hon. the Baroness Chalker of Wallasey
I have been representing women in the workplace for almost 20 years and had the good fortune to attend a sneak preview of ‘Hear and Now’. Chris Davidson ran a fabulous workshop. Even though I am a confident presenter, I learnt some really great new techniques. This book is brimming with comprehensive and easy to follow advice and will lead you through practical, yet inspirational steps to finding your own confident voice.

Chris Davidson’s experience as an award winning author, inspirational speaker and communications expert shines through each chapter ensuring that this is an enjoyable as well as educational read.
— Wendy Bowers, Ambassador for Women's Enterprise, British Chambers of Commerce
‘Hear And Now’ is a grounded ‘how-to’ guide, clearly written by Chris Davidson, who I can safely say knows his onions. It gives helpful background on two very different ways of communicating - and then cuts to the chase with practical advice and exercises that are effective and easy to implement. A most refreshing and welcome primer for all of us women navigating a man’s world.
— Chantal Coady OBE, Rococo Chocolates
Filled with great advice and wonderful practical tips to help you excel with your presentations and communication
— Lesley Cowley OBE
An accessible and enlightening read which really sheds light on why some discussions just don’t quite end up the way you hoped they would! A refreshingly practical and engaging guide to understanding not only what you can do to communicate for success but importantly HOW to get there.
— Christine Petrou, Operations Director, Active Business Communications Ltd
‘Hear And Now’ is refreshingly free of pyschobabble - it’s packed full of practical actions that are easy to implement immediately to get yourself heard in the workplace. It’s a wonderful short-cut through the myriad of misunderstandings and unconscious behaviours that I’ve taken years to weed out myself – sometimes through painful, trial and error. I also learned a stack of new tricks that will definitely improve the way I make myself heard in future.
— Isabel Kelly, Founder, Profit with Purpose Ltd and Practitioner in Residence, Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, University of Oxford
‘Hear And Now’ is a must read book for women working in the corporate field. It’s very explicit, and is easy to follow and understand. With the right vocal exercises and guidance, it is amazing how communication skills can improve. A fantastic book for every modern woman!
— Martine Balzani, Marketing Director, Peter Pan Bike International